"Playing Card" Gallery
Linda Rae Coughlin, USA
Ace of Diamonds

“A Diamond Girl” is in keeping with a
series on women's issues I am in the
process of creating.  In this series there
is always a woman with words or
symbols.  The word in this piece is “A”
and the woman is shaped like a diamond,
hence the title “A Diamond Girl.”  The
diamonds in the corners are hooked
using the Waldoboro technique and the
piece is embellished with hand felting,
diamonds and yarn.  In designing this
piece, I used a split complementary color
palette of purple, red and yellow.
Peg Irish, USA
2 of Diamonds

2 of Diamonds:  “Snake eyes” was my
immediate reaction to the two of diamonds –
thus, the stylized tails wrapping around the
diamonds in the design.  Since I wanted lots
of glitz and glitter, I collected and/or dyed
many unusual fabrics, yarns and beads.  I
began hooking over 20 years ago and strive
for a unique look in my work.
Jule Marie Smith, USA

Joker:  As a colorist, I wanted this joker
card to be exciting, warm and inviting.  
The yoke and hat embellishments were
fun to create but the shoes led to the “J”
shape, which brought this joker to life.  Of
course, the shape led to juggling and what
could he juggle, but J’s!  
Deanne Fitzpatrick, Nova Scotia
Jack of Spades

Jack of Spades:  The Jack of Spades was
a favorite of my father’s who inspired me
since he was a rebel and a gambler.  He
referred to the Jack of Spades as “his
nibs” when he slammed his fist down on
the table to display the black jack to
whomever was playing cards with him.
Card playing for money was a ritual at our
house.  After church on Sunday we played
Auction One Twenties for a dollar a game,
and a nickel in the hole.  It was not
unusual for me, as an eight year old, to
win six or eight dollars on Sunday before
lunch.  I did not lead a sheltered life.
Linda Rae Coughlin
Recycled Hooked and Stitched Textile Art