"Stripes" Gallery
Linda Rae Coughlin
New Jersey
Hara Line

Hara line, a place of deep calm.
This vertical line runs up the
spine and into universal
consciousness. An ultimate goal
of the soul is for the body to have
a strong and aligned Hara line so
that it can manifest its true life’s
Molly Dye
Vermont Stripes

The views from my windows in
southern Vermont are stripes of
rolling foothills backed by layered
mountains and fields of golden are
the joys of a country life with ever
changing scenes of colored
ribbons from sunrise to sunset.
Liz Alpert Fay
Spontaneous Stripe

To create this piece I chose
materials that I felt represented
both countries participating in the
exhibit. I used pages of The New
York Times Magazine section to
represent the USA and rice paper
to represent Japan
Mary Anne Wise
A Sight for Blue Eyes

I collect images from the farm my
home.  I position these images in
various poses and scale until I
discover something I didn't
around me.
Barbara Held

Stripes, with a message, against
the beauty of the red sun of the
Japanese flag.  An international
message in an international way.  
This barcode says it all!
"Collaborative Response" Gallery
Linda Rae Coughlin/Burma Cassidy
Linda Rae Coughlin/Peg Irish
Linda Rae Coughlin/Debra Smith
Linda Rae Coughlin/Anne Boissinot
Linda Rae Coughlin/Rose Writz
Linda Rae Coughlin
Recycled Hooked and Stitched Textile Art